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Now this, is a perfect timing. 😄

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Taking risks in life may bring you unfortunate things. You might hurt someone, you might lose somebody, you might never get to experience the same thing again. But look on the brighter side, at least your burdens has been decreased somehow. Even if you can’t handle this afterwards, know these always that everything happens for a reason and god never gives one of his soldiers a trial one couldn’t handle. Someday, you’ll be okay. Time will heal all the scars away. What’s life without taking its risks anyway? It may even make you stronger than before. Life is worth taking risks. Just be aware of its consequences.

You’re not the only one who’s in difficulty, so do I. It’s hard for someone to gather the necessary guts just to say what one truly feel and taking the risk that it would hurt anyone. One is sensitive but sometimes, you got to let them know it the sooner than to prolong it and might get even worse than you thought. You might not want to hurt them but you think it’s for the best. You might not want to hurt them but you still hurt them in the end. But if they really has a thing, then they would understand you fully and let time heal them slowly and still accepts you despite of it.

"Some moments I feel like I want to go back to the old days where everything was alright. Bruises and a wound in the knee are the only pains I have felt. Unlike now, it all turned out to be the opposite. Everything’s considered a mess. A one big disaster."

Photo was taken during last year’s Christmas Party: December 2k13.

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Pagod na ako sa kakaintindi, kakapasensya at kakatiis sa mga pinanggawa nila. Pero kahit pagod na ako, hindi pa rin ito sapat na rason para sumuko. Ang kailangan lang talaga ay magpahinga dahil alam ko, ang lahat ng ito mawawala rin. Ang kasiyahan nga hindi nagtatagal, ang paghihirap at kalungkutan pa kaya? :)

Why stab knives at me from behind when you can actually fire a bullet infront of me?
This day, I realized that in our life, we could come to a point that sadness will overcome us. It will swallow us whole and it will make us feel that nothing else matters. It will be hard for us to smile and it will sweep away all the hopes we have and the faith that we all hold into. There’ll be a point where nothing can make us happy anymore. Not the books we love to read over and over again, not the funny stories we all laugh at, not our favorite food or not even our favorite person. Nothing. And the only choice left is for us to be strong. And at the end of the day, a thought will come into our minds. We all came into this world alone and we will also leave this world with no one beside us. We will realize that all we have from the start to the end is ourselves, and nothing else but ourselves.
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